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  • Nordic style ornaments


    The style of home decoration shows a person's style hobby. Some people like Japanese style, some people like Nordic minimalist style, sometimes a small wall clock can also determine the overall tonality of your home. Let us to share some amazing wall clocks for Nordic fans! 1.Product Name: India Green Marble Wall Clock 2.Type: Home Decor / Clock Material: India Green Marble Other Materials Option:...

  • The Usage of Agate Coasters


    Agate coasters are made of good grounding stone, they have a strengthening and stabilizing energy that will help you in your daily tasks. This art agate coaster keep you energized and empowered, and makes you feel positive and uplifted. Negative energies are dispelled, and you are protected from any kind of negative attack on your body, heart, mind, and spirit. Also they are good protection from b...

  • The Beautiful Contemporary Bathtub


    Chisled black marble tub with a polished interior. The rough, rugged exterior of the tub gives it a natural feel and look. Perfect for an exterior home spa or a tiled master bathroom. This marble stone bathtubs are hand carved from a solid block of absolutely black granite. Including overflow convenient for people, moreover, its non-porous is easy to clean Stain and bacteria resistant. Custom dime...

  • The Beautiful Contemporary Sink


    This black granite vessel Constructed of environmentally friendly, is perfectly craved into a circular shape and highly polished inside and outside. This art stone sink with an overall measurement of 13-3/4"X13-3/4"X5-1/2", suitable for any contemporary bathroom. A mood of classical revival will fill the room when this rock solid choice is installed. If your home is being renovated or you are a de...

  • Natural Stone Basin Maintenance Skills In Daily


    There have many people putting wash basins that made of natural stone in their house. Stone basins can improve the quality of life.But also need to maintenance from sometimes. There just have some natural stone basin maintenance skills in daily we want to share with you. NO.1 Choose the right cleaner Stones are afraid of strong acids and bases. It is well known that clean stones cannot ignore the ...

  • THE Gift From Nature


    The flowing lines of natural marble itself seem to contain natural meridians, and the traces of years of erosion are like clues of ancient legends left in the world. Those marble coasters has a special artistic atmosphere, atmospheric and delicate, elegant and classic, is the best gift from the natural and also is a perfect companion for home life. Product Name:Custom Unique White Marble Stone Coa...

  • Natural Stone Basin Maintenance Tips


    In fact, the bathroom sink can be divided into wash basins, undermount basins, freestanding pedestal sink, etc. There are quite a few articles about the cleaning and maintenance of the sink, while if the household sink is made of natural stone, how to clean and maintain it?Actually, no matter what kind of washing method of the sink should be different depending on the material of the stone,then, l...

  • Time Guardian - Marble Clock


    We can't say that people with strong time can succeed.But experience tells us that any successful person has a strong sense of time.Punctuality is an educated act that many Westerners rely on this behavior to judge whether a person is trustworthy. People will put clocks everywhere in the bedroom, living room, and other places to remind them to obey the concept of time.Therefore, the clock must not...

  • The Beautiful Modern Art Sink


    The rectangular honey onyx sink is made of 100% natural onyx. This sink is carved from a large block of onyx, and smoothed out to create a beautiful sink. Besides, it has an all-over yellow color with light tan and white veins running through it. Since onyx is a natural stone, The details will vary in color and pattern from sink to sink. Our company,Huian Sunshine Stone CO., LTD., have been in the...

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