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Color mirageTM to officially launch at coverings 2008

Color mirageTM to officially launch at coverings 2008

Color Mirage™, a decorative glass product line recently introduced to the market by the Applied Coatings Group (ACG), incorporates ACG's decades of industry leadership in the design and manufacturing of dichroic optical thin films. Color Mirage's dramatic and elegant line of decorative glass tiles and glass blocks will be officially showcased for the first time at Coverings 2008 in Orlando, Florida.

Color Mirage glass products are designed to transmit or reflect specific wave lengths (colors) and will appear to change color as the viewer's perspective to the product changes or the light sources relative to the product change in direction or intensity. Color Mirage's extensive products will officially launch at Coverings 2008, and the firm has partnered with nationally recognized designer Carrie Fazio to provide architects, specifiers, designers and home owners with an exhaustive line of colors, textures and sizes that bring a radically new design element to both interior and exterior spaces.

Color Mirage began as a division of Bausch and Lomb, major developers of the science behind optical thin films. The company won an Oscar for technology in the 1960's after creating a premier optical thin film screen that produced a cool light that would not melt movie film. An incredible, international customer list, including Phillips, Boeing, Kodak, Microsoft and Xerox, are evidence of the company's quality and production capabilities. Recently, the Applied Coatings Group saw both the potential and opportunity to diversify its industrial market focus to the decorative and design world by leveraging its core technology to manage wavelength and color into a line of products that exhibit beautiful, changing color … thus the Color Mirage product line.

For more information, contact Andy Pomeroy, president of Applied Coatings Group at 465 Paul Rd., Rochester, New York 14624, by phone at 585-247-6000, fax at 585-247-1219, or email at APomeroy@appliedcoatingsgroup.com.

Source: Stone Industry News